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Our Bakery

Cotswold Cakes are based in the Cotswold village of Woodchester a few miles from Nailsworth.

Established in 1902, we have been making our Handcrafted Luxury Cakes for close on 110 years using only local ingredients of the highest quality.

Our Drizzle Cakes to set your taste buds racing, Battenburgs with melt in your mouth marzipan or our range of slices for sharing, we know there will be something in the Cotswold Cakes range for everyone.

Our small dedicated team of eight fully skilled confectioners produce Cotswold Cakes to order on a daily basis, allowing us to keep our quality and freshness second to none.

Kneading Dough


We produce a wide range of products from our handcrafted sponges to our box cakes and Swiss rolls. At the Cotswold Cake company we offer many products to suit everybody’s needs and budgets. We offer quality products that are value for money.

Jump Start Your Day with a slice of coffee cake